Lamzac air lounger

A fabulous Family Paddling Pool will be an absolute must for your back garden come warmer summer months, well when it isn't raining! Your little ones will thank you and it will keep them amused for never ending hours while they splash around.

WooHoo2.0® is a lightweight inflatable lounger that inflates in seconds! It can be used as a hammock lounger, a sofa, or a single person chair. It is super lightweight at only 3.2 lbs and can easily be carried with the included carrying case.

Dont pre order, they just take your money and cant deliver to EU because of product piracy.
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Perfect for festivals,camping or just chilling in the park. Just pick it up and fill it up in seconds and you are GOOD to GO! A super comfy chilling, maxin’ relaxin’ air bed, lounge, chair, beanbag or sofa… Whichever way you want to call it!

We welcome any quantity order and any custom design. We dedicated to presenting our clients with his/her dream product.

The 3 best inflatable air loungers in this review all support up weights to 350 pounds or more, so you can enjoy them with someone special. They don’t need an air pump to inflate, and you won’t have to wear out your lungs to fill them. They stay inflated for a few hours, then you can top them off, or pack them up and carry them with you. None of them weigh more than 4 pounds and they all come with tote bags.

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Perfect for the beach, festivals, chilling at the park or in the garden this amazing inflatable air lounger is so quick and easy to set up and compact enough to carry with you wherever you are going.

Indeed, the inflatable lounge air is a kind of the sofa that you can share it with other people. Besides, you also can take the use of this equipment as the bed when you go to the beach and want to wait for the sun set or the sun rise. Some people worry about the sunlight as if there is no tree. However, with the help of the inflatable air lounges, you can forget this unnecessary worry about relaxing comfortably.